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Each purchase stores carbon permanetly in rocks

better there than the air!

Photo Story For Faberge's Big Egg Hunt

February 28, 2014

photo © Kwaku Alston

Hi! February's been a lot of fun though also hard work with a couple 85-90 weeks of painting my egg for Faberge's Big Egg Hunt to be held in New York this April. It was a real pleasure to step away from the computer and just paint! One of the funny things though was that every time I made a little pencil or painting error, my instinct was to 'hit undo' instead of erasing or painting over the mistake. The computer habits are so embedded in the brain!

Below are some pics of the painting process from start to finish. The egg was shipped from the great crew at the charity in New York to me in Venice, CA, and then I...

primed the egg with my assistant Nina looking on.


I then put the egg on a temporary base. Nina finds this all very egg-citing. 



I printed out the art to the egg's dimensions and then, on the other side, added pencil


Then wrapped the egg and redrew the black lines on to the egg surface 


...to get a light drawing on the egg which I can then refine. Nina stalks during the whole process - I believe she thinks there's something to eat inside.

Nina perks up now that the end is near.

Final touches..

Voila, egg is complete. Note Nina photobombing, sticking out her tongue.

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