Each purchase stores Co2 permanently underground

better there than the air!

Each purchase stores carbon permanetly in rocks

better there than the air!

Eco Extras

Zero Waste Kit For Elementary Schools

Would you like your elementary school to go zero waste? This program has all the tools you need to help your students and staff implement sorting and separating food waste:

• a five minute student zero waste training video

• signs for multiple bin types 

floor stickers


• a sorting game

• an instruction guide for teachers and custodial staff

This kit will help your students become eco heroes and your school get ready to work with a local compost hauler to drastically reduce your school's landfill waste!

Review from Inglewood School District Newsletter:

"Before launching the program, approximately 35-40 bags of single-stream trash was collected each day. This number has been considerably reduced to 2 bags of landfill collected on the first day after starting the program. 'Students appear to be enjoying the new change,'" Branch adds. 


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