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better there than the air!

Each purchase stores carbon permanetly in rocks

better there than the air!

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TrailerEco Heroes in action Plot Summary: experience this fun, song-filled celebration of nature with Hippo Works's eco-friendly cartoon animals. Go on an adventure with Simon the Hippo and friends as they learn about the world's changing climate, the role of carbon dioxide and methane, and the good eco-habits we can all develop. Along their way the animals find out about topics such as the Greenhouse Effect, the Food Chain, the "Three Rs" (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling), Composting, and Carbon Offsetting.
"Your kids will love this fun and charming film and, better still, be inspired by it. Eco Heroes Save The Climate shows how our actions effect the planet - all in a great adventure story."
—Ed Begley, Jr., actor and environmentalist
"This film connects kids to their planet with an understanding of how climate change affects them and what they can do to help stop it - all with characters my family just loves!"
—Davis Guggenheim, director of "An Inconvenient Truth"
"My students and I love this film! Colorful, engaging, the Eco Heroes film really helped my class learn about and understand the complexities of Global Warming. We also loved the music and how it was infused into the messages."
Kirsten Riley, elementary school teacher, NJ
"My kids love the Hippo Works characters! They've watched the film 5 times in 2 days and are singing the songs and becoming little eco warriors! It even inspired them to have a Climate Change Bake Sale where they raised $280 for saving jungle to offset their carbon footprints!"
Megan Crawford, marketing executive, CA
"Eco Heroes Save The Climate will not only broaden children’s understandings of climate change, but will do so in an engaging way that will excite them to learn more about fighting climate change in their own lives. Kids dictate the future of this planet, and Denis Thomopoulos is providing them with the essential foundation that will leave them inspired to make a difference!"
Maggie Ollove, Earth Day Network
"The global warming issues that the film communicates are scientifically sound. Plus the film will be great fun for students!" Stephen H. Schneider, Ph.D. The Melvin and Joan Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Stanford University and recipient of the 2007 collective Nobel Peace Prize