Each purchase stores Co2 permanently underground

better there than the air!

Each purchase stores carbon permanetly in rocks

better there than the air!

Sample art, comics, and cartoons


Please click on the below cover art to see the digital versions of two comic books published by Comics Uniting Nations in support of The UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The Goats Of Anarchy is a disabled baby goat farm that just won a Webby for a second year in a row and the "Simon Says...Save the Climate!" comic is the print version of a half hour program recently launched with Unicef and The World's Largest Lesson (see Cartoons below). 




The half-hour cartoon version (password 1redhippo) of the above comic book "Simon Says 'Save The Climate!'" has recently been screened for kids at NASA, The UN's Climate Week, Green Festivals, and is launching internationally with Unicef and The World's Largest Lesson and nationally as part of a climate campaign with the 10K+ schools of the Green Schools Alliance



We painted an egg for Faberge's Big Egg Hunt in NYC to help raise funds for The Elephant Family. 



Brand Licensing

We've also licensed our characters and cartoons to BASF and EcoSafe Zero Waste to help sell compostable bags to elementary schools throughout the US and Canada. For kids to properly sort their food waste in cafeterias, Hippo Works has created an inspiring 4 minute cartoon as well as signage for bins (and for use at trade shows):



Below are examples of tees for the National Geographic and Paramount film The Arctic Tale:


And a line of baby onesies for Whole Foods.