Saving Jungle

     According to the United Nations Environment Program, our Earth is losing to deforestation a football field's worth of jungle (100 yards by 50 yards) every second! And keep in mind that jungles perform vital functions for our Earth's climate, ecosystems, and species - including the human species! Yikes!
     Perhaps the most important thing jungles do is help in the fight to stop climate change. Occupying only six percent of the Earth's surface, jungles are one of the largest absorbers of CO2 (a major greenhouse gas) and release 40% of the atmosphere's oxygen! And from their plant life alone scientists believe we've tapped less than 1% of their use in medicines.
     With each purchase, Hippo Works customers are protecting the world's jungles through Conservation International. To learn more about the value of these wild places, click here for 50 amazing jungle facts.