Each purchase stores Co2 permanently underground

better there than the air!

Each purchase stores carbon permanetly in rocks

better there than the air!

Social Skills Cartoons

Here are four social skills cartoons on Responsibility, Cooperation, Paying Attention, and Communication - originally produced for an educational network. 

Responsibility Cartoon

Follow-up questions to Responsibility Cartoon: What has George Washington Hippo done wrong? How is he being responsible? What are some ways that you act with responsibility? 


Cooperation Cartoon


Follow-up questions to Cooperation Cartoon: What are some ways you cooperate with a brother, sister, or a friend? Why are we like peanut butter and jelly when we cooperate? Can you think of a time you've had fun cooperating?

Paying Attention Cartoon


Follow-up questions to Paying Attention Cartoon: In what way is Billy not paying attention? What does he THINK he sees? What does he REALLY see? Do you understand how sometimes what we perceive to be true might actually not be?

Communication Cartoon

Follow-up questions to Communication Cartoon:  Have you ever played telephone with your friends? What are some of the mistakes the friends are making? Why is it important to listen to others when you're communicating?